cold sores

What Triggers A Cold Sore Outbreak?

Although it is unknown exactly what triggers a latent virus to activate, several conditions seem to bring on infections. In fact many things that compromise your immune system may bring the virus out of its dormant stage and cause a cold sore outbreak. Some of these triggers include:

Many physicians believe stress is the leading cause of outbreaks. Try to reduce stress at home or work as much as humanly possible, although it may seem very difficult at times!

Overexposure to UV rays often causes recurrent outbreaks of cold sores. Try to limit your time in the sun and always use sunscreen. Any other protection such as hats, beach umbrellas or even putting on some clothing can go a long way in helping prevent an outbreak.

Illness is yet another way the immune system is compromised and can lead to outbreaks. Get plenty of fluids in your system and make sure your body is well rested if you are getting sick or are already feeling the symptoms.

Poor Diet/Excessive Alcohol
Although not yet scientifically proven, many who have had outbreaks blame acidic foods, chocolate, caffeine, foods high in trans-fatty acids and a high sugar diet. Excessive alcohol is another trigger that many consumers have identified as a trigger but is not scientifically proven.

Lack of quality or sleep or not enough sleep can really tax your immune system. Try to get enough rest as it helps your immune system remains strong against recurrent outbreaks.

Hormonal changes during a woman’s menstrual cycle can be a common trigger for outbreaks.


Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). H-Plex Defense can reduce the severity of the HSV virus and relieving symptoms and inhibiting replication.